The prices of the apartments include the notary fees ?

The price of the apartments is inclusive of VAT excluding notary fees, these are independent of the sale price and payable at the time of signing the deeds directly to the notary.

The notary’s fees are composed of :

Own fees of the notary calculated on the basis of the sale price according to the regulations in force.

TPF (Property publication tax) : 1% sale price.

Tax stamp : 400 GIVES

You are exempt from registration fees (2,5% the amount of the sale price) because you buy from a promoter.

In the event that you go through a bank loan to finance your property, provision should be made for the payment of the mortgage in addition to the above costs, the latter’s fees are calculated on the basis of the amount of credit granted.

Are you subject to the guarantee fund ?

The Guarantee Fund comes into play when it comes to an off-plan sale (VSP), which is not our case.

We made the choice to make the sale finished, thereby, we are not subject to the guarantee fund.

Your guarantee in the finished sale is the delivery of the keys to the apartment in question as well as the signing of the deed at the notary once payment has been finalized.

Do you have the deed and the land register ?

Yes, of course.

When buying your apartment, during your visit to the notary, you would proceed with the signing of your notarial deed and your land register simultaneously because the land concerned was recently registered.

How is the management of the common areas of the residence organized ?

A management body is installed within the residence, at the head of a legal manager by training, holding a license, set up by the general management of SARL CMB Promotion Immobilière, whose prerogatives are the day-to-day and technical management of the common areas of the residence and overseeing the proper application of the co-ownership regulations and compliance with the rules of use by all stakeholders including the co-owners, but also to receive complaints and listen to co-owners.

The CMB Residence "Parc Dounia", is it subject to co-ownership charges?

Yes, Each co-owner is indebted to the co-ownership, he has the obligation to pay the co-ownership charges in accordance with the law 11-04 governing the property development activity and Executive Decree No. 14-99 governing the co-ownership regulations, as well as the bilateral agreement signed between the two parties and the deed of co-ownership, in order to ensure the proper functioning of the residence and to cope with the various charges of the latter (payroll, electricity and water bills for common areas …)

In case of withdrawal, what are the procedures, are there any consequences for the amount of my payment ?

It should be noted during your first payment during your purchasing process, a bilateral agreement is signed between the two parties, the latter governs the conditions and the legal framework of the said purchase, where it is clearly mentioned in the case of a withdrawal a rate will be deducted from the amount of the payment made before reimbursement in order to deal with commercial damage and damage caused by this act.

Regarding the procedures, it is necessary to send to the promoter (SARL CMB PI) a letter of withdrawal from which the repayment procedures are undertaken by the promoter.

Is the CMB subject to ten-year insurance ?

Yes, we are subject to ten-year insurance in accordance with Ordinance No. 95-07 of 23 Chaabane 1415 corresponding to 25 January 1995 on insurance, according to article No. 175 and article No. 178.

Decennial insurance covers major works, i.e. the constituent structure of the building.

Any time, it should be noted that the ten-year insurance does not cover the apartments,the insurance of these is not the responsibility of the promoter, but it is up to the owners, thereby, we strongly advise you to insure your apartment against possible disasters by taking out home insurance.

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